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welcome to my world

I am Kristin Quattlebaum - a former 15 year corporate leader turned purpose guide + healer. I am passionate about forging new pathways for life, business + leadership. I help bridge logic with intuition to expand the mind + build new connections for what's possible.


You have a deep desire to create + be more. You stand out because you choose not to be bound by limits + other people's rules. You are ready to take your journey to the next level. You may not know how we'll work together but you know that you feel called, so let's begin.


I stand, you stand; together, we rise.


countries reached


hearts served

I stand for

purpose | alignment + courage to be who we are meant to be

freedom of expression | unapologetic self-honor + the power to choose for oneself

the pursuit of evolution | space for curiosity + growth

I aim to break boundaries.  I invite others to embrace their true path (even if it looks different from the rest); my approach is outside the box + challenges norms. the world needs us standing in the version of us we came here to be.


all offerings available virtually or in-person, based on location

please note | this path is not linear, nor is it one-size-fits-all. I trust that, together, we will pioneer the most aligned path forward


clear deep energetic imprints so that you can find clarity + next steps on your journey


together, we journey into the mystery to walk powerfully in becoming who we were always meant to be


unite in a space curated for harnessing the seasonal wisdom + rhythms we experience as women


hi, I'm Kristin

I am a disruptor, thought rebel + possibilitarian who struggled finding my path. I felt misguided + misunderstood. Despite the incredible opportunities I had to build a career, I continued to feel unfulfilled.


My journey inward through therapy, coaching + meditation led me to unplug from the outdated systems that stopped me from seeing my own greatness + to discover my divine purpose. I learned to harness the inner wisdom within me to create new  possibilities. I entered a world that let me play outside the box + feel truly liberated.


Now that I've mastered the bridge between intuition + logic, I am excited to share this wisdom in the world. I believe that this connection is the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of who we are + why we are here.

client reflections

Kristin and I worked to clear a long-standing drain on my energy during an intuitive session. She was able to identify blind spots in my energetic field and help me tune in so that we could clear the blocks together. It was a life-changing session that allowed me to move forward in my spiritual and business development.

Paula Schlacks Taylor

I watched Kristin’s journey on FB stories, seeing her success and wanting some for myself. When I reached out, I wasn’t really sure what I was asking for, but I knew I needed help. In our first chat, my life purpose was revealed. I cried. In that moment, I felt the possibility of power within myself. I spent 6 months as a client. The limiting beliefs that she cleared for me were absolutely earth shattering- literally life changing. And it wasn’t just in the moment that I felt the new truth; for months and months afterward, I felt the truth that Kristin was able to so easily and effortlessly identify for me integrating itself into my life and subconscious. I asked her to help me start a business. Instead she led me to my purpose, she aligned me with the Universe, she helped me unlock (and stand confidently in) the unfathomable power within myself. She led me to a source of internal confidence that continues to rocket me towards goals and a purpose that is too big to even imagine yet so completely attainable.
Kristin is real, genuine, and so on fire with her own purpose that you won’t be able to keep yourself from burning with her. Your hesitation is keeping you small.

Nicole Wank

My session with Kristin was nothing like I have ever experienced before. It’s hard to leave a review in words because what I experienced was one that no words can fully describe. The feelings I felt and the clarity I received was outstanding. I felt as though I was truly talking to my soul through her. Everything she had to say made sense in my soul and it was liberating to hear out loud. I highly recommend working with Kristin, she will help you in ways you won’t even believe. My experience was magical and I can’t say enough good about it.

Ashley Beaudoin

You have been the catalyst on my journey that I needed to take that next step. Coming to accept my shadow self for who she is, and that she is there to help me. My ancestors, my primal self, all coming forward. Its not scary now and my heart is open to accept the changes necessary to move on to who I am becoming. I feel more at peace, and more powerful then ever. And ready to continue the work to reach my higher self as my grandmother would say, thank you 1000 times!

Brenna Wieland Valenti

Kristin is an amazingly talented soul! She was able to help me identify a block that was keeping me from truly seeing the abundance that is my life and how to bring more to it. She took her time to answer my questions and I never felt rushed. She even checked in a few days later to make sure everything was going well. She is a one of a kind intuitive coach and I highly recommend her!

Brittany Galipeau

During my reading, Kristin uncovered a very subtle obstacle and offered several methods for working with and through the hindrance. She explained where it came from, which gave me deep insight to how I live my life. Kristin's energy is gentle and of high vibration. I sense her to be a generous, compassionate being who helps other to ascend.

Cynthia DiMarco

Kristin helped me through a massive turning point in my business, bumps became smoothe again and she put me right back on track. Kristin helped me get back on track faster than I thought possible. She's amazing, her intuition is right on point and her ability to clear what's stopping you from success is second to none.

Tamara Norwood

Kristin is absolutely incredible at what she does! Every time we talk it feels like she sees straight into my soul and speaks right to my heart. My intuitive coaching session with her was amazing and beyond anything I could have expected. Her messages and insights were spot on and brought me instant peace and clarity!

Lindsey Kasch

I had my first ever intuitive session with Kristin and was blown away with the truth of my current situation. She was very quickly able to pin point where my resistance was coming from, why I am staying stagnant and how I can move forward with ease instead of struggle. I would HIGHLY recommend her services if you are needing clarity.

Shelby McMillan

Kristin has taken my life both personally and professionally to the next level. My colleagues are even commenting on the changes they have seen in me. Kristin’s approach is different. She’s tough when you need it. She makes you search for the answers. She has made me a better me. Invest in yourself by working with Kristin, you will not regret it!

Lynn Briand

I have been struggling a lot this year trying to find my happiness and learning to self love. Kristin shows pure, unconditional love in each session I have ever had with her. She makes me feel safe and worthy and enough. In our first intuitive session, she helped me see exactly what I needed to in that moment to get out there to find my light and my joy again.

Stephanie Bermudez

Kristin you have an amazing ability to cut through all the BS and to see exactly what is going on. Major shifts happen when I talked to you and I'm looking forward to another session. Thanks again!

Zavae Chalwell

I have been struggling with how to move my coaching business forward and how to proceed with my coaching changes. I asked one question and she was able to tell me the vision she got for my life path, the blocks that were stopping me from getting there and the truth from the highest version of myself.

Brielle Brasil

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