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awaken your greatness

you have a deep desire to create + be more. you stand out because you choose not to be bound by limits + other people's rules. you might even feel stifled by the environment you're in because you feel misunderstood or unexpressed. you have begun your journey + are ready to take it to the next level. 

I am Kristin Quattlebaum; former 15 year corporate leader turned purpose guide + healer. I give a damn about forging new pathways for life, business + leadership. I help closet visionaries activate fulfillment, freedom of expression + the courage to be who TF they are by bridging logic with intuition to expand the mind + build new connections for what's possible. I stand, you stand; together, we rise.


countries reached


hearts impacted

I stand for

purpose | alignment + courage to be who we are meant to be

freedom of expression | unapologetic self-honor + the power to choose for oneself

the pursuit of evolution | space for curiosity + growth

I aim to dismantle the web of beliefs + fears that stop you from being in your greatness.  I will invite you to embrace your true path (even if it looks different from the rest); my approach is outside the box + challenges norms because the world needs you standing as who you came here to be.


all offerings available virtually or in-person, based on location

please note | this path is not linear, nor is it one-size-fits-all. I trust that, together, we will pioneer the most aligned path forward


clear deep energetic imprints so that you can find clarity + next steps on your journey


together, we journey into the mystery to walk powerfully in becoming who you were always meant to be


elevate your awareness to align with your superconscious + learn to navigate life beyond the mind


hi, I'm Kristin

I am a disruptor, thought rebel + possibilitarian who struggled finding my path. I felt misguided + misunderstood. despite the incredible opportunities I had to build a career, I continued to feel unfulfilled.


my journey inward through therapy, coaching + meditation led me to unplug from the outdated systems that stopped me from seeing my own greatness + to discover my divine purpose. I learned to harness the inner wisdom within me to create new  possibilities. I entered a world that let me play outside the box + feel truly liberated.


now that I've mastered the bridge between intuition + logic, I am excited to share this wisdom in the world. I believe that this connection is the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of who we are + why we are here.

if my journey resonates with you, it would be an honor to be a guide in your self-discovery + alchemy.

client reflections

Paula Schlacks Taylor, AZ

Kristin and I worked to clear a long-standing drain on my energy during an intuitive session. She was able to identify blind spots in my energetic field and help me tune in so that we could clear the blocks together. It was a life-changing session that allowed me to move forward in my spiritual and business development.

Brenna Wieland Valenti, NY

You have been the catalyst on my journey that I needed to take that next step. Coming to accept my shadow self for who she is, and that she is there to help me. My ancestors, my primal self, all coming forward. Its not scary now and my heart is open to accept the changes necessary to move on to who I am becoming. I feel more at peace, and more powerful then ever. And ready to continue the work to reach my higher self as my grandmother would say, thank you 1000 times!

Tamara Norwood, AUS

Kristin helped me through a massive turning point in my business, bumps became smoothe again and she put me right back on track. Kristin helped me get back on track faster than I thought possible. She's amazing, her intuition is right on point and her ability to clear what's stopping you from success is second to none.

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