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all offerings available virtually or in-person, based on location

please note | this path is not linear, nor is it one-size-fits-all. I trust that, together, we will pioneer the most aligned path forward

not sure what to book? let's jam 1st; use the inquire button below

xo, Kristin


step into a portal with me + initiate your greatness. this is a space of bringing to light what's possible + to alchemize what's stopping you. everything is on the table; this is your next level activation - the leap you’ve been waiting for.

intuitive clearing + clarity. masculine/feminine dynamics. audacious reflection + coaching. human design integration.

90 mins


intuitive readings

a beautiful space to activate what is already within you, clearing the energy that stops you from seeing the truth + clarity that you seek. we'll journey into your subconscious to clear blocks + channel messages from your superconscious to create new neural pathways instantly; these readings have the ability to clear deep energetic imprints so that you can find clarity + affirmation of your path.

60 mins


human design

human design (HD) is a mix of science + spirituality; it shows you who you came here to be. this will be an exploratory chart reading to help you understand your energy type + definition so you have insight into the way you were designed to interact in the world, with less resistance + more ease.

exact birth info (including date/time/location) required.

45 mins



this is a space for expanding, for taking radical responsibility, for dismantling the web of beliefs + fears that stop you from being who TF you are.


an immersive experience for you to step all the way in to self-honoring + alchemizing your life.


together, we journey into the mystery to powerfully become who you were always meant to be.

3+ months


intuitive training - ROOTS level 1

learn how to access your intuition + to navigate life beyond the mind. this class supports a deeper understanding of using intention + how to create a container that will provide clarity for self-guidance + leadership through the superconscious. learn how to release energy that inhibits sensing your intuition, such as the ego mind. included: intuitive superconscious attunement, grounding/protection ritual, energy work.

FIRE level 2 is also available (subconscious healing); ROOTS is a pre-requisite.

180 mins


channeled masterclass - self-study

now available:

1 | grounding with the elements

2 | finding purpose

3 | unapologetic expression

4 | unshakeable belief

5 | unraveling systems

6 | the art of experimenting


~60 mins

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