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H2H SOAR specials

exploring intuition series

4 classes | 2 intuitives | two 1:1s | replays

a series on exploring intuition with perspective on related topics like discernment, creating boundaries, building trust + playing

every Thursday in January 2022

$149 till 11/19
$177 after 11/19

intuitive readings

a powerful + progressive healing vortex facilitated to clear the biggest subconscious survival beliefs holding you back in your life while channeling + integrating your soul's truths to set you free from limitations + propel you forward in your life; perfect for an instant energy resonance + shift

20% off - mention H2H
30 mins $87 (reg $111)
60 mins $173 (reg $222)
90 mins $260 (reg $333)

intuitive nomads community

a community space to wander through the world of intuition. integration tools, q+a support, group expansion practices. this is a space to pledge commitment to the intuitive journey amongst other like-minded souls.


sacred self alignment

discover a way to create alignment in all areas of life + decide an action plan forward to build momentum towards the life of your dreams

free 20 min call

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