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detox + renew | virtual retreat

an invitation to surrender + come back home to yourself to explore your desires + find clarity towards your life purpose path

join us in your own time; recordings available for life

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the experience

accommodation | an invitation to create a luxe retreat experience in the comfort of your own home + in your own time

vibe | space for personal reflection + integration, wisdom gathering + healing

the journey

➸ opening tea ceremony + sacred space

➸ guided massage/energy healing

➸ sound healing journey

➸ sunrise yoga

➸ intuitive healing

➸ integration guidance

our gifts to you

➸ 1 month Sunday yoga w/Melissa (live)

➸ dosha balancing yoga bundle w/Melissa

➸ morning meditation w/Kristin

➸ calling your energy home meditation w/Paula

➸ grounding with the elements channeled masterclass w/Kristin

➸ pachamama grounding + meditation w/Amanda Campbell

➸ gratitude reflection w/Diamando Stratakos

➸ renewing the thoughts + mind space w/Sarah Strong

join us in your own time; recordings available for life

note | this is a proposed schedule of activities;

we invite you to allow space to be intuitively guided through the experience

energy exchange | $111

the facilitators

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Kristin Quattlebaum

facilitator | intuitive mystic

I am a purpose guide, teacher of intuition + subconscious healing, truth collector, disruptor, liberator + activator.

I will be your space holder + guide, sharing wisdom, leading meditation + intuitive circle.

Melissa Killeleagh

facilitator | yogi + wellpreneur

I am a lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, meditation + breathwork guide, ayurveda + lunar wisdom holder.

I will be your space holder + yoga guide, sharing wisdom, leading meditation + fire circle.

Joya Sosnowski

healer | sound journey

I am a sound + voice creatress, DNA activator, vibe raiser, intentional space holder + embodied movement guide.

I will be your sound healing composer + guide to vibrational bliss.

Paula Taylor

healer | intuitive bodywork

I am a reiki master, conduit of intuition through bodywork + meditation, sound healer, author + musician.

I will be your facilitator of ease + release, and intuitive guide through physical + energetic bodywork.

seeking guidance

if you need some extra support, book a call to gain clarity + to decide if this is the right offering for you; it's a sacred space to invite you into alignment

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