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migrating into spring equinox

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

As we migrated into spring equinox this weekend, I am preparing to do a seasonal detox + with everything I do, it is necessary for me to tune into my intention.

What we focus on expands, right? I’ve spent a lot of time + energy healing my spiritual + emotional bodies. And, that has served me. I’ve become a witness of my emotionality, which has been powerful. When I’m not hooked into it, it doesn’t have the power to consume me. That has allowed me to alchemize my emotional states rather quickly, almost instantaneously.

Spiritually, my intuitive connection has expanded incredibly + continues to surprise me. I was seen as progressive in corporate + now my energy evolves by the day; that means I need to take action more quickly now. If I don’t, then I’m already moving on to the next expansion + part of my purpose is to share wisdom through my experiences. Intention + action = MAGIC.

On the other hand, my physical vessel has not been attended to consistently. It’s often been on a rollercoaster – sometimes honoring it + other times punishing it. I am recognizing just how much all 3 bodies matter in finding true alignment. So, that’s my intention with this detox. To purify all energy bodies so that my intuitive channel can be even clearer. Y’all, I am on a mission to tap into my inner wisdom + to turn TF on – lighting up others along the way. And, this is how I’m doing it. Will you join me? And/or follow along?

I stand, you stand.

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