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deepening my mind, body, spirit journey

There are still parts of myself + my journey that aren’t shared publicly. I am always over here working on learning more about myself, getting out of my own way, reminding myself to take aligned action every day. My tendency to move forward bypasses my sharing + a huge part of my purpose is to navigate this life while sharing my experience.

You see, I have a gift in being the bridge. I’ve always been able to take complex systems, break them down + spit them out clearly. I did it in corporate between the business + techies, leadership + people, and now I do it between the mind + intuition – teaching people how to tap within + navigate life intuitively, stepping out of their fear-based (mind’s) guidance.

I’ve ventured on a lot of journeys that helped me:

- escape from the cage of my limited mind

- get curious about my emotionality + recognize its power

- unravel + detach from belief system imprints that frankly were not mine

- release external expectations about my life so I could hook into my true purpose

And I’m not stopping there. I’m devoted to unlocking + remembering my purest form of being. So, the next journey I’m braving is to start deepening my understanding of how my consumption is linked to inflammation + its impact. Y’all know how important my environment is to me + that I have a ton of rituals to ensure my flow and peace. Now, I want to create rituals that naturally boost my body’s internal functions, so I’ll be exploring things like:

- what’s creating inflammation in my body

- why food vibration matters + how I can align with what my body needs

- how I can support my body’s detoxification in a world where toxicity is prevalent

- how food can heal things like hormonal imbalance, etc.

I’ll be going deep on all this in the next few weeks. If you feel called to link arms with me + explore this too, I invite you to join me or be a witness to see what breadcrumbs you can pick up.

I stand, you stand. #togetherwerise

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