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re-grounding in Alabama country

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I knew I needed space to reflect + integrate this new phase of life. It was time to establish a new foundation, a new way of living. Alabama gave me the secluded space I needed for deep introspection + growth, so that I could really begin in this nomadic life.

little river canyon | alabama

Fresh experiences: little river canyon in Alabama, a magical natural gem + the hidden bamboo forest in Georgia, nestled in the gorgeous town of Sandy Springs.

As I travel, naturally, I feel the vibe of the spaces that I'm in. I have to say that Sandy Spring's vibe is off the charts - it's so lush + there's so much abundance in the air.

Worthy local business mentions are arden's garden juice - a 25 year-old female-founded juicery, based in East Point, GA + blue jug of Fort Payne - a small alkaline water + health market owned by a local couple.

In terms of business expansion, I decided to start offering intuitive moon ceremonies. Previously, I was partnering up to host these. As we parted ways, I had other opportunities to partner that fell through; I knew it was a calling from the universe to step into my power as a solo leader. And, so I did + the first ceremony had 9 beautiful women. Also, I was invited to become an ambassador for my intuitive life coaching program at Intuition Wisdom Institute. This program changed my life, so the invitation naturally felt aligned. Stay tuned for more on this as my journey with IWI continues to evolve. In the meantime, if you're curious about accessing the power of your intuition to get out of your own way + guide you on a path of purpose - reach out + I'd love to jam with you on it.

lakehouse view | airbnb cedar bluff AL

Notable books I read are The Science of Getting Rich (link: free e-book) by Wallace Wattles + Rich AF by Amanda Frances. The Science of Getting Rich reinforced a few beautiful things: (1) my desires are my birthright; they wouldn't be my desires if I weren't in alignment to receive them, (2) any doubt should be considered a sin for the absolute faith required to manifest my desires, (3) it is not possible for opportunity to be monopolized, for what is mine will always be mine, (4) be in the now + don't waste time worrying in the future; it is time enough to meet any obstacles in the moment, trusting that I will have everything I need to face them. There's so much wisdom in this book - I highly recommend it. And please note, there is definitely an energy to reading something yourself. Rich AF has also been a fantastic read - mostly for the integrative journaling exercises it offers. I have gained so much clarity in my desires as a wealthy woman + the way that money can work for me + my life's mission. One of the exercises I especially enjoyed was around exploring beliefs rooted by family, society, religion + identity. I shifted 22 beliefs here; some examples include: you have to work hard to earn money, save for retirement, when an offering is requested, you are obliged to contribute (or it is a sin) + spiritual entrepreneurs can't make a lot of money.

hidden bamboo forest | sandy springs GA

My sacred self-care practices this month included reflective/integrative alignment journaling + extending my kundalini practice to 90 days. I utilize journaling in a few ways: (1) to clear energy that is not serving me/is desiring to be expressed, (2) to shift beliefs + fears, and (3) intuitive guidance/alignment. Journaling is a practice that allows me to access my subconscious + free-flow with the energy that wants to move through me.

Finally, this journey wouldn't be what it is without the lessons + wisdom I pick up along the way. And, my purpose is literally to experience life + share my learnings. The first is about abandonment; read the post I wrote here. In summary, the shift I felt was that the abandonment I felt was not for my weakness, but for my greatness. This was pivotal for me in healing this deep wound - realizing that the release of these relationships in my life has been because of my growth + readiness to expand. Another epiphany I had was that I have carried shame around truth-telling. This shame is societal. I can recall so many instances in my life when I was thrashed with guilt because I told the truth about my experience - because I self-expressed. I believe it is important to take self-responsibility for my expression + also, it is a complete disservice to myself if I do not honor my truth or dampen it to make it more palpable for others. I've decided that I will no longer compromise my truth out of fear or worry about how it may be received; this is non-negotiable.

next stop >> Louisiana

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Feb 27, 2021

The Science of Getting Rich is a GAME CHANGER.

Kristin Quattlebaum
Kristin Quattlebaum
Feb 27, 2021
Replying to

Yes! So many good nuggets. I only picked a few to highlight.

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