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vibration | why it matters

Let’s talk about vibration. Vibration is the energetic frequency carried by all things, living or not, + it can change. Think of it like everything is porous + has an energetic aura.

Personal vibration | this is what we project into the world. This is the way we light up (or drain) others. We raise our vibration by clearing stuck belief systems, letting go of attachments, releasing energetic imprints/traumas, focusing our attention on expansion/growth, building awareness so we can recognize + witness truth within ourselves. We lower our vibration by overconsuming, numbing, blaming, giving our power away to fear, anxiety, anger, scarcity + belief systems that aren’t ours.

Environmental vibration | this is the energy of our surroundings. This is what we’re allowing into our aura (people, experiences, things). We raise this vibration by reducing clutter, cleaning, releasing people + things no longer in our highest good, saying no, infusing plants/nature, crystals, incense, clearing energy, finding community with others who are self-aware, being mindful of our purchases + what/who they support. We lower this vibration by bringing in negative, fear-based external energies, not taking responsibility for processing our emotions + projecting them into the space or allowing guests in who are not mindful of this, overloading our senses with things we’re not intentionally consuming (e.g. background noise).

This is something we can build awareness of + mindfully support. On this 30-day journey, I’m choosing to incorporate another layer of vibrational awareness with my food – because everything that I consume is influencing my energy + I am devoted to having a positive imprint in the world. I believe that the more I focus on this, the more my aura expands to contribute to the world meaningfully.

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