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the journey begins in Florida

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

This is the start of my epic nomad journey. Yes, I am proclaiming now that it will be epic - because I decide it so. And here, I will share the wisdom I picked up along the way. To be honest, it's mostly for myself. To witness my journey + to celebrate my decision to take a risk and follow my heart (even amidst a pandemic). In this blog, you will find recommendations + reflections of places experienced + life lessons endured. Here I go.

selby gardens // lights in bloom

Must-see: Selby Gardens in Sarasota, FL - their Lights in Bloom event was nothing short of magical; Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL - the land of Pandora transported my soul; Green Springs Park in Deltona, FL - a serene piece of nature that felt surreal.

In these experiences, I was quickly reminded of the importance of letting myself be present in the moment + not get lost in documenting my journey. Maybe a part of me is hurrying to capture the moment, so I don't lose it...even though I know that what is for me will not escape me. The Flight of Passage ride in Pandora felt like a true initiation - to be free, to be seen, to be myself. I actually got emotional on the ride. I felt empowered to be on my own journey; read my full reflection here. I had a photoshoot with my dear friend Angel of Wanderlust Portraits, where we co-created incredible photos of me in my element + I realized just how far I've come in embracing myself + my body.

Local eats: Reyna's Taqueria in Sarasota, FL - incredible tacos + fresh guacamole; Bowled Life in Palmetto, FL - great smoothie bowls + to-die-for rawnola (I bought a couple jars for my travels); Mother Kombucha - woman-owned small batch kombucha based in St. Petersburg, FL.

mother kombucha // photo credit: wanderlust portraits

As a part of my journey, I am making an explicit effort to support local businesses + try local kombucha brewers (because I might have a teeny obsession with kombucha). Many of the nationwide brands are filled with sugars + you won't find that in a lot of local, regional brands. Personally, I aim for 9g or less per bottle. Kombucha is something that I drink everyday as it has helped me enhance my gut health.

Fresh experiences: Clothing optional yoga at The Body Electric Yoga in St. Petersburg, FL.

Nude yoga was not something I had on my radar, but when I came across the event, I knew it was an invitation + something I had to attend. I joined the waitlist. When I found out I got in, I felt slightly timid, but mostly excited. I observed myself holding onto shame of exposing my body to strangers + yet recognizing that I didn't feel shame at all. It was in this experience that I realized that the only judgment I felt towards myself or my body came from me. And while I sat in this sacred place nude + vulnerable, I was able to hold space for myself in healing my self-judgment while feeling safe to embrace it. Read my full experience here.

the body electric yoga // nude yoga

Biz expansion: feeling tuned into my creative flow + launched donation-based intuitive readings + the journey. 2020 was an expansive, introspective year for me. I decided to hire a business coach + the program is called Going Rogue. As I continue to step into ownership of who I am + the impact I am meant for in this world, I decided that I wanted to be in an energy that fully embraced embodiment of truth. In such a conditioned world, I can get caught up in the pressures to conform too - but, it's certainly getting easier to maintain my own alignment. I'm excited for this evolution.

Sacred self-care: it's important to me to honor my energy + to take care of myself. I decided to reset my body with Arbonne's 30 days to healthy living - something I am committed to doing about every 6 months - to cleanse my body of toxins + help it operate optimally. I also began a 40-day kundalini journey in conjunction with my body reset, to help flush the body's lymphatic system + increase energy flow in my body. I participated in Insight Timer's mindful mornings challenge + went to a live sound healing at Serenity Wellness in Sarasota, FL.

I had heard so much about kundalini, but never latched onto it like I did with this 40-day practice. It really activates my body + makes me feel alive; I can see my progression more deeply everyday. I also experienced anger rise up, which is an emotion that tends to be buried within me - I realized it was an invitation for me to find safety in expressing my anger.

Notable books: Loving What Is by Byron Katie - a phenomenal book that really helped me hammer in understanding that the only cause for suffering in my life is in my mind's idea that what is should be any different than it actually is. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida - a great book that reflects on the dynamics of the masculine + feminine energies within our relationships with others + with self.

green springs park

A final life lesson came to me upon booking my next Airbnb. I was being called to stay waterfront, but knew that would come at a premium. When I found the spot, it was almost double the cost of my mortgage + I had some feelings of scarcity surface. I reached out to one of my mentors for support + she reminded me that this was not a matter of survival, but rather of growth; it was not about my ability to receive money, but rather my capacity to hold more wealth. In her reflection to me, I felt an immediate shift, booked the place + never thought twice about it. To me, this was an invitation for me to believe that my desires are always supported + know that all I have to do is trust myself.

Next stop >> Alabama.

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Well I just may have a teensy kombucha obsession also. Not enough to make my own but STILL. I have people that do that... Also teensy was one of my “best words to use” in 2016.

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